The Importance Of Goals in Goju-Kenpo 

People lose sight of what is real and what could be real. They say you have to have THE dream. This is because if you see it you can become it. Your goals and the dream will work as your desire to success.

Goals are something we all need to have. They are like putting wood on the fire - they keep it burning. Goals make you stronger and let you keep your focus on what you need to accomplish.

There are short term goals and long term goals. Short term means to climb the mountain one step at a time; long term means to get to the top of the mountain. Short term goals are building blocks for our long term goals and our core desire. When we have no goals, or lose sight of our goals, we lose the burning desire of accomplishment and we become better educated on how to fail. We quit what we started and find excuses why we should never finish. We blame everything and everybody for our laziness. Are you a person on a train to success, or did you get off on some part of your destination to blame the recession, the president, your boss, your coach, the weather; your husband or wife, friend, or whatever you can think of to quit? The worst part of doing this is what is in store for our future. NOTHING! People will do a lot more to avoid pain, than they will do to gain pleasure. It is much easier not to do something and fail than to work hard at building for long term pleasure. Climbing the mountain gets harder as we climb.

What goals have to do with Martial Arts are the same as what life has to do with you. Every day we are being programmed positively or negatively. You know it better by the name of brain washing. Brain washing is a negative term for things we may not agree with. A positive statement is a wonderful idea, if we agree with it Martial Arts is a beautiful tool for programming a positive state of mind.

Martial Arts have short term goals and long term goals. You come in as a beginner not knowing what your expectations are until your first class. After your first class, you become excited because you want to be good at this and you feel the desire to accomplish. Short term goal in sight, you want to get the next belt. Long term goal, you want to become a black belt. Just like the mountain of life, you want to get to the top but you can only take the journey one step at a time. Now on the way to your black belt, you may stumble and fall off the mountain of life, but your goal is to get reach the top. So you will get up and climb again. For a split second, you felt failure, but failure will never beat you if you keep working at your goal. You fail if you fail to try. Think of all the excuses you could have made to not climb again. It doesn't matter what the excuse is, get rid of it because there is only one way to succeed and that is succeed. You can and you will! See the dream and make it happen. The past is not to hinder our future but to educate our future.

Each and every student in L. Hall's Academy has a dream for a future black belt in our school. We have what you call a college of Martial Arts. Our goal is to make our students the finest martial artists in the world, but we need your help. Have the dream and you and the staff at L. Hall's will make it happen. I can't do it without you, and you can't do it without me, but together we can make it happen. So let's have one goal together. Let's do it! Master Hall

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