•  I am a positive person and a good role model for my loved ones and fellow persons.
  •  I will avoid anything that will damage my physical growth or my mental health.
  •  I will use self defense constructively to defend myself, my principles, and my honor.
  •  I am training to become a martial artist not a fighter.
  •  I will set my goals and achieve them.
  •  I will resist negative peer pressure.
  •  I believe that if there is faith in the present, then there is power in the future.
  •  I believe that by applying myself, I will get the results I am looking for.
  •  I am not a failure, I am a motivator.
  •  I believe that by helping others, success comes to all of us.
  •  I will always do my best to become a sincere, respectable person
    and a listener of people, and to represent my school and loved ones in a professional manner.
  •  I thank God for blessing you and me.