Goju Kenpo was developed by Master Lawrence Hall, in 1988. Goju Kenpo was created from a mixture of seven different traditional martial arts in order to form a practical street efficient self-defense system with self discipline.

1) Goju Shorei; 2) (BKF) American Kenpo; 3) Shotokan; 4) Tae Kwon Do; 5) Okinawan Shorin Ryu; 6) Judo/Jujitsu/Aikido and 7) Escrima/Arnis are the seven different styles that melt together to form the well rounded art of Goju Kenpo. This system has been developed, not to favor any one technique, but to be open-minded to all practical techniques. Each of these seven systems have a great deal to offer in specific areas, however they lack the well-roundedness that would make them applicable in a street, self-defense situation. By combining these various styles along with our scientific teaching applications, we have created a powerfully realistic and effective form of karate. Our combination of 50% hands-50% feet, 50% hard style-50% soft style, with supplements of Judo, Jujitsu, and Akido, assure that the Goju Kenpo practitioners will always have the upper hand and will arise victorious when put to the test.

Most martial arts embrace traditions, and in doing so, lose practicality and efficiency. Goju Kenpo is always evolving and will always remain modern. Goju Kenpo will never become "traditional," although, it has a traditional foundation. Times have changed, and so tradition must be broken. Bruce Lee, one of Master Hall's greatest inspirations, said, "You learn form, to break form." Goju Kenpo has a traditional base from which to build, but also trains the subconscious mind to react in the most efficient manner for the individual. Each person is unique and must be comfortable and confident in how he/she moves in a self-defense situation. A technique that works for one student may not work for another. Two Goju Kenpo students may defend themselves with similar techniques but with different applications which fit their individual personalities and body types. Both are correct and, more importantly, both are effective.

The discipline taught in Goju Kenpo is self-discipline. It is easy to discipline another person. On the other hand, it is not always easy to discipline yourself. Your success in the martial arts are a direct result of your own self-discipline. If you do well or poorly in martial arts, you have no one to blame or thank but yourself; the same applies to everyday life. If you work hard in your Goju Kenpo classes your skill and confidence will increase. If you train halfheartedly, your improvements will be minimal. Goju Kenpo is 10% physical and 90% mental. Anyone can throw a punch. The goal is to throw that punch with maximum speed and power, with correct form every time, and to push yourself to make each one better than the one before. That is the discipline that Goju Kenpo will teach you. As a student of Goju Kenpo, you will learn to set your goals and achieve them, to have confidence in your self, to have respect for yourself and others, and many other attributes that lead to a happier, more successful lifestyle.

Another aspect of Goju Kenpo that separates it from other martial arts systems is that a Goju Kenpo studio is a college of martial arts. They provide basic curriculum in all areas of martial arts training in order to teach students strong basics and open mindedness. As a Goju Kenpo practitioner, we can't make you good at everything, but we can make you great at being you. If the time comes when you are forced to defend yourself, you will have the confidence and the skill to do so effectively, without hesitation.

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